Machine Components and Features

Kooler Ice is committed to building the highest quality, most reliable ice vending machines on the market. To do so, we have chosen to equip our machines with quality components from the best U.S. manufacturers and utilize the most up to date technology features and a “plug and play” mechanical system to make service and maintenance simple enough that anyone can manage it!


Size does matter!  The IM600 offers the largest bin in its size class at 550lbs.  The "IM600" is the smallest and most productive Ice Vending Machine on the Market!

IM2500 II

Designed to compete with the larger ice vending machines but to do so with less up-front cost, lower utility cost and a smaller footprint. It has the capability to be expanded by adding up to 3 additional ice makers to the unit.


Sized like a Soda Machine, the 1000lbs of stored capacity in an eye catching machine automatically bags and dispenses fresh ice – on demand – quickly and conveniently!

Kooler Ice Vending Equipment Sales



The Kooler Ice IM1500 is setting the standard in ice vending by providing the largest production potential in a frame that is less than 6 feet wide or 8 feet deep!  The IM1500 can be equipped with one or two icemakers. This means
you can expand the production capabilities of the machine in the field
as your ice business grows.